Reseller Program

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Complete program details: Make an ongoing revenue stream from each customer while maintaining the relationship and making additional revenue from your own value added services.

This program is ideal for anyone who:

If you are not already doing eCommerce sites for your customers, or even if you are, this is a great way to add an additional revenue stream to your business. Not only will you be bringing in more customers, but they will now be willing to make monthly payments for the eCommerce software and hosting that Claim the Web and it’s employees are experts at. Being a reseller also gives you the potential to be paid by Claim the Web on a recurring monthly basis based on your commitment level (commitment level is determined by amount of leads that are brought to us by your company) just for bringing us the customers who are already looking for our services! (See commission structure here.)

Complete program details:

In addition to the monthly service and hosting fee’s our customers pay, they also often engage us as their eCommerce experts to create their design, logo, and do custom programming work to make their store operate perfectly and precisely as their business demands. We pay a 20% commission on all additional services sold, and which can range from $3,500 for a custom design package and as much as $20,000 or more for custom programming and development. Most customers who need custom work done spend around $10,000 with us, which means you’d make around an additional $2,000 for every customer you send us who requires custom work.

If you already provide these services yourself we are happy to help you serve your customers doing what you’re best at and let us take care of any gaps.

  Price / Payout: Ecom 1 $29/month Price / Payout: Ecom 2 $49/month Price / Payout: Ecom 3 $89/month Price / Payout: Ecom 4 $189/month Price / Payout: Semi Dedicated $299/month Price / Payout: Dedicated $799/month
We Charge $29.00 $49.00 $89.00 $189.00 $299.00 $799.00
You Pay $23.20 $39.20 $71.20 $151.20 $239.20 $639.20
You Make $5.80 $9.80 $17.80 $37.80 $59.80 $159.80
At 5 customers $29.00 $49.00 $89.00 $189.00 $299.00 $799.00
At 10 customers $58.00 $98.00 $178.00 $378.00 $598.00 $1,598.00
At 25 customers $145.00 $245.00 $445.00 $945.00 $1,495.00 $3,995.00
At 100 customer $580.00 $980.00 $1,780.00 $3,780.00 $5,980.00 $15,980.00
With the reseller program you get a monthly discount and now have the ability to charge whatever you need. The pay schedule above is designed to show you how much you would make per month per client if you charged your customer the same that Claim The Web charges, you can always charge more if needed. Remember these commissions are residual monthly payments.
Design Work Price Comission Payout To Reseller or Affiliate
Design Package Beginner $1,497.00 20.00% $299.40
Design Package Intermediate $3,497.00 20.00% $699.40
Design Package Advanced $4,997.00 20.00% $999.40
Design Package Expert $6,997.00 20.00% $1.399.40
Logo Design $2,497.00 20.00% $499.40
Logo Kit $2,997.00 20.00% $599.40
Custom Programming
10 Hour Package $1,500.00 20.00% $300.00
25 Hour Package $3,750.00 20.00% $750.00
50 Hour Package $7,500.00 20.00% $1,500.00
Additional Hours billed at $150 per hour $150.00 20.00% $30.00