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3 months after Devin Grunder and Coolrelief.net decided to ditch their outdated shopping cart platform they tripled their site traffic and sales with Claim the Web! Devin and his team have had incredible success and they did it all on their own.

When Devin first saw the Claim the Web platform he thought it was very intuitive and had a ton of functionality but he wasn't sold on it right away. It took a couple of times playing with the demo, asking questions and then finally deciding that switching platforms was the best thing for his business.

Devin is a pretty internet savvy business owner and knows how to optimize websites to get more traffic in the door. The major problem Devin faced was that his current ecommerce platform didn't allow him to make his site really search engine friendly without customization or special programming. That is where Claim the Web came in. With our current Search Engine Optimization tools Devin was able to triple his site traffic in a matter of months. And in turn tripled his sales!

Here is what Devin had to say about his experience with Claim the Web:

"Claim-the-web has been an excellent help in the development of our website, www.coolrelief.net. Their user interface and web services have allowed us to easily upload and edit the products we offer our customers. This allows plenty of flexibility when dealing with manufacturers and saves time. Switching from Yahoo Small Business, our account manager helped us set up our website, offered plenty of helpful advice, and in our work together nearly tripled our site traffic. I would advise many e-commerce small business owners to make the choice we were so lucky to have made and start using Claim the Web today!"

The Claim the Web Search Engine Optimization tools are truly unique and allow users of the cart to optimize their site very well. One of the most popular tools is the ability to define your store's URL structure. This tool really helped Devin optimize his URL structure to include the keywords that he was going after. This allowed Devin's store to start ranking really well for long tail keywords, thus generating more traffic only a few weeks after switching his store to our platform.


After 3 months of being on the Claim the Web platform Devin's website tripled its site traffic as well as tripled its sales. What can Claim the Web do for you?


When Pest Products Online decided to use Claim the Web as their ecommerce platform they did so with great enthusiasm. James Burton, the operating manager for pestproductsonline.com was extremely frustrated with his old platform. It was clunky, hard to manage and not user-friendly. They started searching for a solution and found it at Claim the Web.

Within one year of working with Claim the Web, Pest Products Online saw a revenue increase of 64.9%! The Claim the Web shopping cart allowed Pest Products Online to optimize their site, run special promotions and set up their products in a way that was easy to navigate. This allowed customers to shop easily, effectively and with confidence.

Just a few short months ago James wanted to revamp and step up his current design. Claim the Web was happy to take the challenge. James wanted customers to be able to shop easily and with one glance know which product to purchase to get rid of the pest that was bothering them. We put the most common types of pests into his top site navigation so visitors to the site could quickly and easily identify what category they needed to shop from.

James and his customer's are extremely happy with the new site design and sales are now better than ever. Just listen to what James had to say after working with Claim the Web.

"Thank you for your management of the redesign of our site. I have never worked with any one who made the experience totally painless and delivered more than I expected. America is full of people who promise things, CTW delivered! PestProductsOnline.com has improved sales of over 38% over last year. Thank you so much."


James and his team increased their sales by 38% over last year after a Claim the Web redesign of their site! Now that's an amazing return on investment!