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SSL Keys

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PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance 1-2-3. The simple way to be safe and grow sales.

The thought of losing or compromising a shopper’s personal information is the #1 concern of online retailers. It makes shoppers reluctant to buy. It’s also a top issue of the credit card companies that lose more than $1 billion a year to credit card fraud. So the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has created stringent data security standards (DSS) to curb their losses.

Any merchant or service provider that stores, processes, transmits or simply handles customer credit card data must comply with the PCI DSS controls and processes. If you don’t, you risk costly fines, restrictions, or worse should a breach occur.

We have partnered with Trustwave to help our customers achieve compliance in 3 easy steps. It’s important to note that while we recommend Trustwave, you can use any vendor you like to assist with compliance. For a list of all PCI vendors please go to https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org.

Achieve PCI Compliance in 3 steps:

Step 1- Thorough Scanning of Your Network

Trustwave scanning technology studies your site from a hacker’s point of view to detect any open doors that could lead to a data breach. Scans are performed weekly, quarterly or on-demand. We also access a database containing thousands of known Website vulnerabilities.

Step 2 - PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire

You complete this validation survey online and submit it to your acquiring bank – all within their PCI portal.

Step 3 - Reporting, Ranking and Fixing any Problems

Using the PCI portal, they deliver the scanning results. The reports are easy to understand, prioritize any security threats in order of importance and provide detailed instructions on how to remediate any vulnerabilities detected.

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